Birthing balls

Birth ball

Yes… MummaPod believe a birthing ball/ large exercise ball is most definitely a good investment for your pregnancy, birth & post natal period and they are not hugely expensive.

In pregnancy, using a birthing ball to sit on can be amazing for your posture and assisting baby to get in the optimum position - it opens and creates space in the pelvis and allows your baby to drop down. You might even be clever enough to swindle getting one provided for you at work to use while sitting at the desk. Typically, a desk chair does not promote the best position for a pregnant lady.

In labour and birth, birth balls help to speed up dilation, effacement and the process of labour, helps relieve back, hip and pelvic pain and there are numerous ways a birthing bath can be used including but not limited to: Bouncing up and down (while seated) on the ball in early labour can help baby descend, and again, get in the optimum position. You can also rock from side to side, back to front and do hip circles – think “rotate to dilate". Then, as labour progresses, you can use the ball to rest on while a birthing partner or doula gives you a gentle massage to help relieve pressure. You can also use it to assist in you in squatting if its placed against a wall. The list is pretty endless.

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Then, the ball has so much use in the early days of mummahood too… babies just love a little jig to help them get to sleep and each and every parent masters there own jig methods, but sometimes, pacing around the room gets a little tiring… and the ball provides a perfect bounce that will help you assist baby to nod off ….💤 It important that you get the correct size ball according to your height, so always check you are purchasing the right ball for you. My recommended birthing ball can be found on my resources for birth section.

Did you use a birthing bath during pregnancy, labour and early mummahood?

Have you heard of a peanut birthing ball too… this ones fairly new to us but it looks fab!

A peanut ball is a ball shaped like a peanut: oblong shaped, larger on each side and narrower in the middle. It is most commonly used when Mumma needs to remain in bed (maybe due to an epidural or other reasons). It is typically placed between a woman’s legs and it therefore opens her legs and pelvis while she can remain relaxed and calm .

peanut ball