Birth & Post Natal Doula

maryanne doula

A little about me!

Hello! My name is Mary-Anne. I live in Teddington and I am a mother to two beautiful children: Max,  born in the birth centre at UCLH, in 2016 and Molly months, born at home, in Teddington in late 2018. Both births were incredibly empowering and honestly, the best moments of my life. I didn’t believe my second birth could top my first birth – but it genuinely did! I am also happily married to my giant James (6:6!)

I am London born and bread and met my husband in my early twenties, we have been inseparable since, and in London terms, I am considered a fairly young mum (31). In reality, I think age goes out of the window when you become a mother… we are all “in it together” (The MUM CLUB that is!).

Historically, in the array of jobs I have done, ranging from working in the city to working in events all over the country, I have always been drawn to working with people, I love meeting new people and building life long friendships. 

It was after giving birth, the first time, that I knew my career would be supporting other women in their pregnancies, births and transitions to motherhood. I want others to have empowering pregnancies and birth experiences.

I am truly passionate about pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. I faced my own demons when becoming a mother the first time round (with feeding) and I just wish I had been given the support that was required. Your transition into motherhood is one of the most important times in your life. I am an experienced hypnobirthing teacher, which is one of the reasons I decided to become a doula… I love helping women transition into motherhood. 

As I currently have two of my own littles at home, I have recent experience of exactly what you are going through and so can offer a unique and dedicated service. 

Birth Doula Services

My mission is to release fear and build confidence in you and provide you with all the tools you need for a more calm, comfortable and positive birth. I want mum to birth with confidence, while trusting her body knows what to do and to feel like a goddess/ super woman after.

Some of the ways I can support you in pregnancy & birth

·      If required, I can help you assess how you want your birth to be should you not yet have given this any consideration – this is something that we will give key focus on within our antenatal appointments. 

·      Help implement your birth preferences on the big day

·      Tools on how to enable relaxation during your labour.

·       I will encourage calm and a positive atmosphere to enhance your birth experience.

·      I’ll be by your side or wherever you need me, giving you knowledge and making you feel safe and supported during pregnancy and in your birth.

·       I will be a friendly and confident face and constant companion to you.

·       I will offer you continuity of care – which is proven to enhance your birth experience. I can also show dad how to offer the same continuality of care

·       I will enable you to be fully informed, with evidence based information

I love supporting mothers (and fathers/ birthing partners) as they prepare for birth, in whatever format that might be- there is never any judgement on how you birth your baby – whatever you do is right. 

I have been present at medicalised births, in hospital and at my own homebirth – I know all births can be quite different. 

I will feel honoured should you choose me to be part of your amazing journey and hope to enrich your experience, both in your pregnancy, at your birth & beyond. 

Postnatal Doula Support

I will support you as you settle into your new way of life, whether its nurturing you or helping care for your new baby, I’ll make the new days that extra bit smoother and wonderful. I am passionate about the fourth trimester. 

Some of the ways I can support you during the 4th trimester:

·      Mothering the mother (rest, relaxation, recovery…)

·      Practical and loving baby care & attending baby’s needs (cuddles/ walks/ nappy changes…)

·      Help promote skin to skin time  (to assist with bonding and relaxation)

·      Letting confidence grow in your abilities - without taking over

·      Listening to any questions or concerns (without judgement/ there is no stupid question)

·      Feeding support for your newborn (whether its breast or bottle)

·      Providing useful resources, information and support 

·      Debriefing your birth experience 

·      Supporting the rest of the family/ playing games and having fun (giving you time to bond with your new baby)

·      Shopping/running errands 

·      Cooking delicious & hearty meals

·      Light housework (washing/hovering/ etc)

·      School/nursery runs

·      Making sure you have a lovely clean bed (the BEST feeling)

I believe every parent should feel loved, empowered and in control during their pregnancy, birth & beyond and I want to make sure this is how you feel.

I believe its very important that your doula is the right fit for you… so I offer a free consultation, where we can meet, in person or chat on the phone to assess if I am the right doula to enhance your birth and motherhood experience. If I am not the one for you… then I will personally help you find the right doula! I truly want you and your family to feel supported in this crucial time in your life. 


Mary-Anne Constable