closing the bones Post Natal Massage

Eat. Sleep. Massage. Repeat...

This type of massage is called “Closing the Bones” and is a way to support a mothers recovery after childbirth and a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of her body. It focuses on closing the hips and closing the circle of your latest pregnancy. It is a massage with warming and nurturing use of a scarf/ robozo and Mumma MAC’s warming and healing hands. This provides a rare chance to focus on the mother as she enters her new stage of life when she can be so easily forgotten. This massage helps her recovery in both physical and mental ways.



£40 per Massage

£90 for 3 Massages

This Post Natal Massage typically lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour and includes massage and reflection time.



Bookings are available on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, between 9am and 3pm or after 7.30pm. Mumma MAC will try and be flexible and accommodate other times if needed.


  • Help remind you of the importance of caring for yourself

  • Gives Mother the ability to feel supported and nurtured

  • Allow you time to reflect on this new stage of life

  • Special and rare time for the new mother to be calm and relaxed


Where do and how do I get the massage?

In the comfort of your own home. Mumma MAC will set up the room on arrival and typically we do this massage on a yoga matt on the floor.

When is the best time to get this massage?

Whenever you feel ready! Its a great gift to get a new mother too!

Can I have this massage if I have not had children?

Yes. Apparently in traditional societies in South America, young girls are rocked and massage in this way so they discover how nice it is and know to ask for it after they have their babies

Can I have this massage if I have had a caesarian?

Yes. But MumamPod will want to know that your wound has healed and will be totally led by you. All women are different and everyone will take more, or less, time to find that area acceptable to touch. Be open and honest with what you do and do not want or like.

I had my children a while ago, is this still relevant?

Yes, totally! It doesn't matter how long ago you had your babies, this technique is something that almost everyone enjoys and feels benefit from

What are your clients saying?

“Mumma MAC is very knowledgable and talks you through whats ahead so that you can relax and zone out. I particularly enjoyed the feeling of relation in my hips, which have been very tight after pregnancy”

“It was great. That part of my body has been totally neglected I realise now but after the massage I felt so relaxed. It was really beneficial even though i had my last baby some time ago. I also loved the playlist.”


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