Fertility, Antenatal and Postpartum Nutrition

Our food should be our medicine & our medicine should be our food.
— Hippocrates

MummaPod have partnered with the AMAZING Mumma Nuture who can lead you through fertility, antenatal and post part nutrition. Nutrition has an important impact on reproductive health and laying the foundations for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Whether it is supporting you with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to improve fertility and getting you in the best possible shape for pregnancy or helping you understand the nutritional requirements throughout each stage of your pregnancy, Mumma Nurture is here with the latest evidence in the field of nutrition to help you in your journey. We will take a full health history and discuss your current diet and lifestyle choices, after which we will provide you with an individualised plan to support you.

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First Consultation £115

60 minutes

Current dietary review

Dietary plan

Supplement schedule

Lifestyle recommendations 

Following Consultations £65

45 minutes

Current dietary review

Dietary plan or review of current plan

Supplement schedule or review 

Lifestyle recommendations 

Availability & booking:

Mumma Nurture typically runs clinics by coming to your home but can happily arrange an alternative meeting point in the Teddington area. If you are not local to the Teddington/Twickenham/Kingston area then sessions can also be offered online via Skype.  


How many appointments will I need?

If you are at the pre-pregnancy stage then I will give you a good plan at the initial consultation that will help support you during this phase. Should you fall pregnant I would then advise that we meet at each trimester for a follow-up appointment to assess your needs on a trimester specific basis. If you are already pregnant when we meet for the first time then I will give you a good plan at the initial consultation that will carry you through the trimester stage you are at and I would advise we meet at each trimester thereafter.  

Do you recommend tests?

Yes, sometimes. However, where possible I will work with you to request testing from your own GP before suggesting you pay for private testing. I will only suggest private testing if I really believe there is a requirement for it because it can be costly so I always want to be certain of its validity and usefulness in each individual case before suggesting.

If we are eating a good diet, why do we still need to take supplements?

Some nutrients which have been shown to be especially good for fertility are difficult to obtain solely from the diet. For example key nutrient and anti-oxidants such as vitamin E & C, folate, zinc, pycnogenol, CoQ10 and L-Carnitine are essential for male fertility and are difficult to get in good quantities from the diet. Similarly nutrients helpful for egg quality such as resveratrol and turmeric would be impossible to obtain enough of naturally, as would the optimum levels of quality omega 3.

Do you earn commission from supplements you suggest in your protocols?

No. I personally do not believe in taking a commission from supplements in addition to the consultation fees so I always pass on my full trade discount to my clients. This means you can be reassured that when I suggest supplements I do so entirely because I believe they are right for you and not because I am receiving commission.

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