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Mary-Anne / Mumma MAC

The main face behind MummaPod: Mary-Anne Constable, a mother of two (Max, born in 2016 in the UCHL birthing centre and Molly, born in 2018 at home, in Teddington).

Mary-Anne is an experienced Hypnobirthing teacher as well as a Mentored Birth & Mentored Post Natal Doula. Historically, Mary-Anne has worked in the city, in the financial sector as well as in the Events industry for over 8 years. Her mission today, is to release fear and build confidence in you and to provide you with all the tools you need for a more comfortable, calm and positive birth experience, just as both of hers were. She trained with Katherine Graves & Developing Doulas.

Sally / Mumma Fit

Sally has always been passionate about health and fitness and office life really wasn't for her, so in 2009 She left the world of publishing behind and retrained as a Personal Trainer. Her first job after qualifying was with Nuffield Health Gym where she gained valuable experience. She quickly realised that she had much to offer outside of the traditional gym environment and a desire to run her own business around her family life. And so, Sally Wilson Personal Training was born, offering mobile personal training to women.

Sally is a mum of two energetic boys, Max born in 2011 and Felix in 2013, So she has the personal experience of how your body and mindset changes as you grow older and how hard it is to fit everything in once children come along!

She is fully insured, hold a REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Training Diploma which includes additional qualification in Pre & Postnatal Exercise. She is also a graduate of Burrell Education, completing The Modern Post Natal assessment & Exercise prescription course in 2015.

Claire / Mumma Physio

Claire has over 15 years of clinical experience working as a chartered Women’s Health Physiotherapist. She is a mum of two gorgeous boys (Arthur, born in Kingston in 2015 and George, born in Hong Kong in 2017). Claire has extensive experience of working in the NHS, where she worked in prestigious London hospitals, as well as the private sector. In 2016 she founded La Femme Physio where she takes great pride in offering top class evidence based Women’s Health Physiotherapy to women local to Kingston, Surbiton, Teddington, Esher and more in the comfort of their own homes. She is particularly passionate about supporting women back to optimum health and fitness postnataly and works closely with other leading health care professionals to help ensure this.

KATE/ Mumma Thrive 

Mumma Thrive spent twelve years working advertising and marketing, helping brands tell stories that are unique and meaningful to them. After having her first baby and returning to work, she realised her existing career would always feel at odds with the family life she imagined. The juggle was overwhelming and it was affecting their family connection and ultimately their happiness. She decided to step away and re-script her own story. Since then Kate has re-trained, changed careers, started her own business, renovated a house, had a second baby and spent a year living in San Francisco with her family. She is adept at embracing and living through change and now, through coaching and teaching yoga, she is passionately supporting women to create the physical and mental space required to explore possibilities and re-script their own motherhood stories.

Your body has created and birthed new life - Mumma Thrive would love to help you connect to it’s wisdom and write this beautiful chapter free from conditioning and limiting beliefs about what your story should look like from here.

Mumma Thrive is a certified coach, NLP practitioner and yoga teacher.


Amelie/ Mumma Om

Mumma Om is a specialist fertility, pregnancy, postnatal and baby yoga teacher, and baby massage instructor. She is also a mum of two, so has first-hand experience of the motherhood journey, and its many joys but also challenges!

With a background in dance and holistic massage therapy, Mumma Om has always been passionate about the body and how to maintain our well-being, and first came to yoga in her late twenties.

It was however while expecting her first baby that she truly connected with yoga, which helped enjoy her pregnancy, prepare then recover from birth, and maybe most importantly reconnect with herself (and her new body) and connect with her baby daughter. It was this truly transformative experience that led her to leave her (boring) career in the corporate world, retrain as a motherhood yoga specialist and found BabyBlossomYoga in 2013.

Mumma Om’s passion and expertise is to support you at this magical, exciting yet at times challenging or overwhelming time of your life. And to share simple, joyful ways to nurture and connect with your baby.

Mumma Om trained with Birthlight, and with the International Association of Infant Massage, two pioneering and world-leading institutions in their fields. Her classes are nurturing, relaxing and light-hearted, and always safe. She is also fully insured.

Carey/ Mumma Shutterbug

The face behind the camera, Carey is a mum of two and wife to her high school sweetheart.

Having always enjoyed exploring many creative mediums, Carey loves how photography gave her the ability to capture her children and loved ones being themselves in their own special and unique way, freezing moments in time and preserving those special memories for a lifetime.

Her mission is to help others capture and document their own special keepsakes.

With her own two children now a little older, cuddles with all those lovely newborns is definitely an upside to the job!

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Anna/ Mumma Nurture

Mumma Nurture’s passion for nutrition only came when she started to think about having a family of her own. Having spent 17 years living with a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which left her with irregular, almost non-existent cycles and having no clue as to when she might next ovulate, she began to research her condition. In 2013, not content with the advice she had received so far from the GP (stay on the pill to manage your symptoms until you want a family, then your only chance of pregnancy will probably be IVF), she began to train as a Nutritional Therapist at the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. During her 3 years training Anna successfully managed to regulate her cycles for the first time through dietary and lifestyle interventions and armed with her new understanding of how nutrition and lifestyle plays a vital role in fertility and pregnancy, went on to have two beautiful children, Isabella born 2013 and Theo born 2015. Mumma Nurture has gone on to support women with their hormonal health and helped nurture Mummas-to-be with the right nutrition advice for them and their growing family. 

Anna Smallpage Dip CNM mANP is a fully insured Nutritional Therapist with a Diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London and a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners. She is also a certified dnalife® coach.

teddington sleep consultant


A mum of two and a certified Sleep Consultant. Over the years Mumma Snooze have undertaken several child psychology courses, and the knowledge gained has become invaluable within her childcare roles. Today, she is also a fully qualified Montessori teacher, a Maternity Nurse and Breast Feeding Consultant. 

She became a Sleep Consultant shortly after the experience with her eldest child, who, for 7 months, had difficulty with sleeping. This resulted in sleepless nights for her and her partner, and an irritable, frustrated and exhausted child. Throughout this time they were at their wits end and had no idea of what to do. It was at that point that they reached out for the help of a Sleep Consultant, who not only transformed their lives, but, more importantly, helped thier son sleep throughout the night, enabling him to return to his happy self again.

 Having experienced this situation first hand, Mumma Snooze knew her calling was to help fellow parents and carers who are in the same boat, who not only need a sense of calm back in their life, but who also understood how important sleep is for the healthy development of their child. 

We all know, as adults, just how difficult it is to cope throughout our daily tasks without a good night's rest; we lack focus, feel sleepy, and grow increasingly irritable with ourselves and others. Adults can reason through these feelings and blame it all on the lack of sleep. Children can't. In order to help their brains process the overwhelming amounts of new information that they encounter, children also need far more sleep than adults; the lack of which will negatively affect all.

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