Nurturing baby massage

Becoming more in tune with your bubba

Babies depend on sensory input for their physical, psychological, emotional and social development and well-being. Nurturing baby massage provide just the right type of stimulation that is needed in the early weeks and months after birth for both you and your baby.

The sessions mostly focus on baby massage and loving touch, but also include reflexology, gentle yoga stretches, comforting holds, movement and relaxation, creating a safe haven in which to bond and interact with your little one, support his/her well-being as well as grow your confidence and enjoyment as a new parent.

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All packages include detailed handouts and well as a small bottle of organic cold-pressed sunflower oil or small pot of organic coconut oil.

Baby massage full body course - £150 or from £45 per person for private groups of 4 people or more.

On this most comprehensive course delivered over 3 sessions of 60 mn each, you will learn massage routines for different parts of your baby's body (legs & feet, arms & hands, chest, tummy, face and back), as well as gentle yoga movements and comforting holds, a routine to help with colic/tummy troubles and a routine to use at bedtime. We will also cover how to adapt the massage as your baby grows older and more active! Each session also includes gentle postnatal stretches for mums and a joint relaxation time.

Baby massage taster session - £50, or from £15 per person for private groups of 4+ people

This 60mn session is ideal to discover the basics of baby massage and give you the confidence to start massaging your baby at home: when and where to massage your baby, oils to use or avoid, getting ready to massage your baby, a first short massage routine covering legs, feet and tummy (that can also help with colic) and some calming massage strokes and comforting holds.

Tummy trouble workshop - £50, or from £15 per person for private groups of 4+ people

This 60mn+ session focuses on massage strokes, reflexology-based pressure, and gentle baby yoga moves for the tummy and legs, to help relieve 'colic' symptoms, release trapped wind, and ease constipation. We also cover relaxed holds to help with reflux and winding, and a progressive technique to help your baby get used and enjoy lying on their tummy.

The fourth trimester (settle and sleep) workshop - £50, or from £15 per person for private groups of 4 + people

This 60mn+ session is designed to help you soothe your very young baby, helping them adapt to life out of the womb, relax and ultimately find sleep. Using baby massage, holds and other tips and techniques for you and baby, the aim is to help you navigate the fourth trimester, stay relaxed and have a more settled baby.

Ideal for newborns and very young babies (until 3/4 months old).

Availability & booking:

Available in the daytime during the week or at the weekend, a popular option if you would like your working partner to attend too.


Baby massage has many physical, physiological and emotional benefits for babies:

  • promotes calm and relaxation, leading to better sleep

  • boosts immunity

  • helps relieve digestive problems (gas, constipation, etc)

  • improves muscle tone and flexibility

  • supports the development of the nervous system

  • improves body awareness

  • provides a securing feeling of being heard as parents learn read baby’ unique cues

Baby massage also has many benefits for parents too as it will help you to:

  • discover your baby's unique cues/body language, which will help you understand them better and enhance communication between the two of you

  • stimulate oxytocin production, which promotes bonding, a feeling of well-being and supports the production of milk if you are breastfeeding!

  • develop your confidence in how to handle and interact with a very young baby, and so your enjoyment of parenthood


When can I start baby massage?

Baby massage is suitable from birth so you can start at anytime. Please note however that, in the first couple of months after birth, babies are very sensitive to stimulation and more easily upset by noises/different sounds/smells/environments so a one-to-one session at your own home might work best.

What if my baby is asleep or gets upset during the class?

Classes are relaxed and completely baby-led, so sleeping, feeding, rocking, changing nappies, or anything else you feel you need to do to attend to your baby's needs are all part of the flow! Please do not feel worried about your baby crying during a session; crying is how babies communicate their needs, and that's entirely normal. Equally, if your baby is asleep at the time of the class, there is no need to wake them (actually, I would really discourage you to do so!). The aim of the sessions is for you to learn skills to use in your own time; massage doesn't have to happen during the actual session if your baby isn't in the mood at the time. I always bring spare dolls that you can practice the moves on, and you will receive detailed handouts to help you practice at home too.

How much space do I need to host a group class at home?

You don't need much space at all; just enough space for everybody to be able to sit on the floor with their babies lying in front of them. I can provide mats and cushions if you have hard flooring, and/or a big duvet for babies to lie on.

My baby is crawling/shuffling; is it too late to do baby massage?

Absolutely not! It is never too late for you and your baby to start enjoying the benefits of baby massage. Routines can easily be adapted for this development stage to make them more dynamic and interesting for more active babies; just let me know upon booking so I can prepare our session(s) together accordingly.

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