Birth recovery & postnatal yoga

Mothers need just as much attention as a newborn because they too have just been born

Birth recovery & postnatal yoga is a safe yet deeply effective and enjoyable way to heal, strengthen and nurture yourself in the first days, weeks and months after giving birth.

In this exhausting and crucial period, postnatal yoga will help you reconnect with your body and with yourself, heal and rebuild strength from deep within, relieve the many aches and pains that come with looking after a little one, and also take time to really nourish and replenish yourself as a new mumma – which is so very important.

Mamma Om’s postnatal classes are open to you from as early as one week after birth, utilising the body’s natural ‘golden window’ for healing after the strain and transformation of pregnancy and birth.

Postnatal yoga is suitable for all women, regardless of the type of birth you had (including Caesarean births) and your level of fitness. You do not need to have any previous yoga experience or own yoga pants! If you had a yoga practice before, the sessions will gradually and safely help you get back to your former practice.

post natal yoga


Birth recovery (early postnatal yoga) package - £165 for 3 sessions or £300 for 6 sessions

The only birth recovery programme you can start as early as a week after birth - safe, effective and nurturing - whatever type of birth you had (including Caesarean births).

One session of 90+ minutes where we will discuss your birth experience and your needs, followed by 2 or 5 sessions of about 60 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Suitable from as early as one week after birth, and ideally started during the first 6 to 8 weeks postpartum to utilise your body's natural recovery 'golden window'.

Life after birth programme - birth recovery & baby nurture - £300

A holistic programme to nurture yourself and your baby, and support your recovery and new life with a baby. A blend of the birth recovery programme and the full nurturing baby massage course, spread across 6 sessions (one initial session of 90+mn where we will discuss your birth experience, your baby's well-being and both your needs, followed by 5 more sessions of about 60 minutes.

Postnatal yoga sessions - £60 per session, £165 for 3 sessions or £300 for 6 sessions


In the comfort of your own home, with/without your baby, you will explore a variety of practices easy to replicate at home and integrate into daily life (without the need for a yoga mat), including:

  • signature micro-movements for the pelvis, back and abdomen (these resemble physio exercises)

  • adapted yoga postures to align, stretch, strengthen and restore balance

  • effective exercises to heal and strengthen the pelvic floor based on your particular situation

  • breath work (the basis of your recovery!)

  • Instant, and deep relaxation to recharge and let go (each session finishes with a long relaxation time)

  • daily life practices such as walks with baby, lifts and safe transitions from lying to sitting to standing

If you are breastfeeding, sessions can also incorporate positioning for feeding and movements to support milk production and avoid engorgement.

Availability & booking:

Available in the daytime or evening during the week or at the weekend


Specialist postnatal yoga focuses on closing, realigning and strengthening the body after the strain and transformation of pregnancy and birth, addressing aches and pains that build up due to feeding and carrying your baby, and allowing you to access rest and relaxation, with or without your baby.

More specifically, it will help you to:

  • restore tone to the core muscles of the abdomen, lower back and pelvic floor

  • heal any diastasis ('separation' of the abdominal muscles)

  • release tension in your shoulders and neck

  • realign your spine and improve your posture

  • decrease any feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • reduce postnatal fatigue and help you feel renewed and relaxed

  • learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can help get you and baby to sleep

  • and also to enjoy yourself, your body and your baby!

As opposed to the aim of getting your ‘old body’ back or resuming your old exercise routine as early as possible, Mamma Om's sessions invite you to create new foundations for better, long-term fitness and well-being, while feeling energised from within and enjoying your baby fully.


Can my baby stay with me during the sessions?

Absolutely! there is no need to have someone else around to look after your baby. When you do a session with your baby, we will integrate him/her in the practice and work around whatever is going on (feeding, sleeping, comforting, etc), which is the best way for you to see how you can incorporate daily practices to support your healing and well-being with your baby around. I am also very happy to hold your baby during your relaxation time so you can truly recharge and let go. This said, you might opt to do the sessions on your own, which is absolutely fine too! Whatever feels best for you.

Can I really start exercising that soon after birth? Is it safe?

Yes. Not every type of exercise is safe nor recommended after birth (and the likelihood is you probably won't feel like doing much anyway). However the progressive micro-movements and stretches from the birth recovery programme have been designed especially to be practiced as early as a few hours after birth, just for a few minutes each day, supporting the body to close, realign and reconnect with your core strength. These practices are based on 30 years of research and focus on alignment and breath. They are also deeply nurturing, allowing you to rest, which is crucial for your postnatal recovery.

I gave birth quite a few months ago already. Would yoga still help me?

Absolutely yes! One key thing to know and remember is that it is never too late to heal, and postnatal yoga can help you on that journey from any point after birth, even years later! If you are past the first 12 weeks after birth, we will first assess together your recovery and current level of fitness and needs, and design a session or programme of sessions accordingly.

What are your clients saying?

"I was looking for pregnancy yoga classes in Teddington that would keep me active, and not just “breathing and pelvic floor focused”. This was perfect: reasonably priced, tailored to my individual needs, very positive, practical and I picked up a lot of movements that made my pregnancy more enjoyable and pain free. It’s the best kind of yoga when you start incorporating movements from your classes into your everyday life. I LOVED IT and would recommend to anyone at any stage of pregnancy."

"I have just finished a 6 week course of pregnancy yoga in Kingston with Mama Om, and I am so glad I signed up! The classes were a perfect combination of movement and relaxation, reminding me that I could still use my body into the final month of pregnancy, whilst also taking some time to connect with my baby and prepare for labour. Mama Om is a lovely person and such a calm and nurturing teacher. I can’t wait to start postnatal yoga once little one arrives!"


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