Pregnancy and post natal massage including c section scar release & diastasis soft tissue management

Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier, happier life.

A service that looks at you holistically and aims to ensure that you leave the treatment room feeling amazing! Your recovery journey is all about you and how you can rest, recover and relax.

As a specialist in pregnancy massage, we can work together to help relieve SPD and PGP. Our bodies go through changes while we are pregnant, so having a regular massage can manage any associated restrictions. Who doesn't want to lie down and be nurtured while growing a human right?!

Post natal massage targets the areas in our body that we can over use as busy mums, tight shoulders, lower back discomfort, neck and jaw tension are all considered when you come here. We put together a bespoke treatment that is all about you.

If you had a c section, your scar can benefit from specialist massage, Mumma Massage can help you reconnect with your body and ensure your scar is not causing any adhesions or issues. Sometimes there is an emotional attachment to our scars, so you will be in a safe space to work through those if you want and need to. Mumma Massage will also show you how to look after your scar after you go home.

Diastasis is sometimes experienced post birth, again as a specialist in this area we work together to improve that for you functionally.

As well as pregnancy massage, Mumma Massage also offers Natural Lift Face Massage - this is zen amplified! She will work exclusively on your neck, shoulders, face and scalp. Using a combination of techniques your inner sparkle will radiate! One of our clients said, " Wow! I look like I have had a week long sleep"

post natal massage


Post natal and scar massage

one off 90 min session £90

3 x 90 min sessions £243.00

Pregnancy massages

one off 90 min session £90.00

3 x 90 min sessions £243.00

All packages include a full consultation, 360 breath coaching, homecare advice and a network of referrals if needed.

Availability & booking:

Appointments are available Monday-Friday.




Where do the sessions take place?

From Mumma Massage’s home, in Twickenham

What consultation do you provide?

There is an online pre screen form for you to complete before you come. Then we have a discussion around that and agree what your treatment will focus on.

What is homecare?

The small daily habits we do will have an effect on your wellness, Mumma Massage can advise on breath work, self massage techniques, refer to a specialist PT, Osteopath or women's health physio if appropriate.

Will I have to undress?

Only to the level you are comfortable with, you can undress in privacy and then you will be covered by towels and sheets during your treatment.

I am pregnant, how early and late into my pregnancy can I come for a massage?

Mumma Massage can treat after your first scan right up and beyond your due date.

I am post natal, when is best to come and see mumma massage?

Whenever you feel ready! There is not set limits. You can chat before hand and decided between you.

What is 360 breath coaching?

How we breath has an impact on us from a physical and emotional viewpoint. Mumma Massage can coach you to breath fully and consciously. This will help with your recovery journey and is a great strategy to introduce into our day to day activities.

When can you work on my c section scar?

When your scar is fully healed, Mumma Massage can start to work on it for you. There is also lots you can do yourself at home so Mumma Massage happy to guide you on that.

90 min session?

We recommend 90 min sessions as we have time for a full consultation and you get as much time as possible on the couch.

Can I mix and match my sessions?

You can! If you want 2 pregnancy massages and 1 post natal for example as your package of 3 sessions, no problem!

What is your cancellation policy?

If a session is cancelled with less that 24 hours notice, then a 50% fee is due. Although, we totally don't invoke that if you go into labour!

Do you offer childcare?

We are afraid not, part of the treatment is you enjoy time to yourself.

Are you insured & qualified?

Yes & yes! Feel free to read more about Mumma Massage in the About MummaPod section of our website.

HOW DO I BOOK Pregnancy and post natal massage WITH YOU?

Enquire now and we can book a slot.

A confirmation email and text is sent along with a reminder email and text 24 hours before your session.