Yoga for pregnancy and birth

It is a unique and short-lived time that we are blessed to have more than one heart

Mama Om's specialist yoga for pregnancy and birth classes are carefully designed to enhance your wellbeing during pregnancy, effectively prepare you physically and mentally for labour and birth, and help you feel empowered and enjoy this very special time of your life. They are an ideal complement to your antenatal care.

These nurturing sessions focus on practices selected and adapted from yoga, which are the safest and most suitable for pregnant women at each stage of their pregnancy. These original, simple yet effective practices are based on 30 years of research and teaching, and are endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives.

Private classes in the comfort of your own home are a great option, especially if you:

  • need flexibility in the days and times when you can attend a session, or wish to have a class once your children are in bed

  • suffer from a specific condition (for example, pelvic girdle pain) as the whole class contents will be tailored around your needs

  • would like to focus more on the birth preparation aspect, and possibly take the classes with your partner – see also Mama OM's yoga for labour and birth couples workshop

Mama Om's yoga classes are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of your baby (even past your due date!), whatever your level of fitness. They are just as beneficial for experienced yoga practitioners as for mothers-to-be who have no yoga experience (many women taught by Mama Om have never been to a yoga class before).

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Pregnancy yoga sessions - £60 per session, £165 for 3 sessions or £300 for 6 sessions

Each sessions last about 60mn. Your first session will include a complimentary 30mn consultation to discuss your situation, needs and wants.

Yoga for labour and birth couples workshop - £120 (private session) or from £60 per couple for small groups.

A highly practical workshop exploring the most effective yoga-based positions, movements, breathing techniques (hypnobreathing), relaxation techniques and partner support to positively influence labour & birth and increase your chances of a gentle, fulfilling birth. Through the workshop, we will design together a ‘labour circuit’ specific to your situation and preferences, that you can use on the big day. We will also practice several mini birth rehearsals to help you develop ‘body memory’ of all the positions, movements and techniques, ready to be used on the big day! The workshop also covers some simple but important elements of ‘theory’ to support your understanding of labour and birth, which can really help improve your overall experience.

Suitable whether you are planning to give birth at home, in hospital or in a birthing unit, and a great complement to hypnobirthing classes!

*** MummaPod Hypnobirthing course participants receive a 10% discount ***


Pregnancy yoga sessions include:

  • postures, micro-movements, relaxed stretching and flow sequences to strengthen and release tension in the body

  • breathing techniques to relax, calm and focus the mind (to use in pregnancy, and for labour and birth)

  • exercises to promote elasticity and stability of the pelvic floor (as opposed to tone only)

  • an exploration of labouring and birthing positions

  • positive affirmations and visualisations

  • a long, deep relaxation to rest and renew

Availability & booking:

Available in the daytime or evening during the week or at the weekend.


A regular practice of yoga for pregnancy and birth will help you to:

  • stay active. and comfortable throughout your pregnancy

  • provide relief from common pregnancy discomforts (such as back pain, pelvic pain, heartburn, leg cramps, etc)

  • deepen your awareness and control of your pelvis and pelvic muscles

  • release tension, stress and anxiety, promoting better sleep

  • prepare you physically and mentally for labour, birth and the transition to motherhood

  • connect with your 'body intuition'

  • take care of yourself at this unique time of your life

  • connect and bond with your growing baby

  • increase your chances of a gentle, fulfilling birth


I am still in my first trimester. Can I start sessions now?

Yoga for pregnancy and birth is open to women from 14 weeks of pregnancy. This corresponds to the stage when the placenta has become fully functional and the risks of miscarriage are considerably lower.

However, Mama Om is also habilitated to teach Fertility yoga, which is a different type of practice suitable for the first trimester of pregnancy that helps stabilise hormonal fluctuations, mood swings and exhaustion often associated with this time. Should you be interested in learning more, just contact us for more details.

I know I will give birth by Caesarean. Will the yoga session still be applicable and beneficial to me?

Absolutely! A pregnancy is a pregnancy, and all the benefits outlined above remain valid, whatever type of birth you're planning or hoping for. Because sessions are entirely tailored to your situation and needs, the birth preparation elements of the class will be adapted to prepare you for a positive Caesarean birth experience.

We are a small group interested in the Yoga for labour and birth couples workshop. Where would the workshop take place?

Depending on the size of your group, the workshop can either take place at one of your homes, or at a separate venue hired for the occasion. This might incur an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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