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The service that Mumma Snooze aims to offer is an honest and gentle approach that will help secure and strengthen the mutual bond between you and your child. Mumma Snooze can provide you with the tools, the support and all the help you need to bring your child back to a healthier place, and ultimately to help them sleep throughout the whole night. Her support will always be focused on the child’s welfare, working towards helping them achieve the sleep necessary to have plenty of energy to become curious about, and explore, the world that surrounds them. Ultimately, a child who sleeps well, for long enough, will learn more easily and thrive.

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We have the following packages available:

Basic- £199

  • Comprehensive initial assessment

  • 1-2-1 Video consultation (45 minutes)

  • Bespoke plan

  • 2 Follow up emails

Deluxe Sleep - £525

  • Comprehensive initial assessment

  • Unlimited emails , Calls,whats app for 1 month

  • 30% off follow up calls

  • Advice on future Milestones

  • 50% off sibling

  • Access to the online course

Blissful Sleep - £325

  • Comprehensive initial assessment

  • 1 -2- 1 Video consultation (90 minutes)

  • 2 weeks support emails and whatsapp

  • 8 support calls

  • Advises on future milestones

  • 50% off siblings

  • 10% off additional support call

Build your package - £100

  • Full assessment of your child’s current sleep challenges with a bespoke written sleep plan emailed to you.

Whatsapp/Support emails

  • One week of a daily WhatsApp exchange within the hours of 8am and 10pm: £60

  • One week of unlimited WhatsApp and emails support – UNLIMITED sessions a day within the hours of 8am and 9pm: £130


Weekdays : 7:30pm - 10pm

Weekends: 8am - 8pm


  • The key benefits are bringing back harmony in the household, by providing the tools and support to help your children sleep,but also for parents to get back into a normal routine.

  • The approach and help bring parents back together

  • Limit stress

  • promote health and well-being


Will it work for my child?

Yes if you stick to the plan and advice given

Is it a cry out method?

No, the key is working with your child and delivering the best solution to achieve your child to have a full night of sleep

what are your customers saying?

Francesca was absolutely wonderful! My daughter started to take ages to fall asleep completely out of the blue when she was almost 2 years old. She was a brilliant sleeper so I had no idea what caused this sudden change! I tried all I could think about with no success and then Francesca came to the rescue! She was absolutely brilliant. I've explained what the problem was and what we had tried already, she gave me some really good advice and a schedule to follow. She was really professional but friendly at the same time, she tried to explain to me how sleep works for kids instead of just giving steps to follow. The whole experience helped me to understand my daughter's need much better and gave me at the end some much needed time to rest. I highly recommend her!

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