Expert Women’s Health Physiotherapy

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Women’s Health Physiotherapy is a specialist area of physiotherapy.  It focuses on addressing and treating any issues related to the pelvic floor and the pelvis in women at any stage of life, including pregnancy and the postnatal period.  Mummapod is delighted to have teamed up with Claire Rutherford (aka Mumma physio) who is a specialist chartered Women’s Health Physiotherapist offering home visits to women local to Kingston, Teddington, Surbiton, Esher and surrounding areas.  Her aim is to offer friendly, holistic, individualized, evidence based women’s health physiotherapy which is top class!

What can be treated?

  • Back, pelvic, hip or coccyx pain during pregnancy or postnataly

  • Caesarean or perineal scar pain

  • Sexual discomfort

  • Rectus abdominus diastasis postnataly (abdominal muscle separation)

  • Prolapse

  • Bladder or bowel problems (including leaking with certain types of exercise, coughing etc. and / or the frequent and urgent need to empty your bladder)

  • Difficulty having smear test completed

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation during pregnancy and/or postnataly, following perineal trauma including third / fourth degree tears


  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation (which can include biofeedback, vaginal cones, muscle stimulation)

  • Postnatal / Mummy MOT

  • Individualised exercise programmes

  • Bladder training and lifestyle advice

  • Acupuncture

  • Manual therapy for pelvic pain or sexual discomfort including trigger point release of the pelvic floor and other muscles (internal and external)

  • Joint mobilisations

  • How to safely rehabilitate following pelvic floor surgery

  • Scar release 

  • Visceral release



Initial consultation £110

30 minute treatment £80

45 minute treatment £100

The Mummy MOT £110 

Follow Up appointments £80



Appointments are available Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays or Friday mornings. However, if these days and times are not convenient Mumma Physio will do her best to be flexible and find a time that works for you.


Mumma Physio’s goal is to enable you to lead a healthy and pain free pregnancy, free from any pelvic floor issues.   She aims to help you thrive through your fourth trimester by supporting you back to optimal health and fitness, helping you to achieve your specific goals.  Seeing Mumma Physio is an investment in your future self, helping you to avoid pelvic floor issues in subsequent pregnancies or menopause.



It depends on what the concern is. If it’s musculoskeletal pain, then as soon as you’ve delivered is absolutely fine regardless of the type of delivery. If it’s for a postnatal check then it is usually best from six weeks postnatal. It you have significant concerns about a prolapse or leaking any time is fine too. Although it can be worth to have an initial phone consultation for some advice in the first instance.

Do I have to have an internal assessment?

Having an internal assessment is always something you have a choice about.  It is an invaluable part of the assessment if you are having a postnatal check or if you are suffering with bladder or bowel issues, a prolapse or pain with sex.  It allows for your pelvic floor to be properly assessed – how strong the muscles are, what their endurance and flexibility is like, whether you have a prolapse and if you have any scar tissue.  Mumma Physio doesn’t use a speculum, just a gloved finger with some lube.  It’s not very glamorous but it’s generally pain free and is definitely nothing to feel embarrassed about.  It’s incredibly useful in being able to devise a bespoke exercise plan and work out what exercise is most suitable for you and at what point in your recovery.

Can I still be seen if I have my period?

You can still be seen and have an internal assessment if you have your period but the choice is always yours!

Can my baby be at the appointment?

Of course!  Many mums are seen in the early weeks and months postnatal when your baby does not necessarily have a routine yet.  Often, babies are happy being near you in their bouncers or playing on the floor for a short time while we assess you, and the rest of the time you’re free to feed, change and cuddle them while Mumma Physio talks to you and asks you lots of questions!

What have your clients said about this service?

“Going to see Claire has completely revolutionised my postpartum recovery.” 

“I’m so happy that I followed the advice of a friend, and went to see Claire – her treatment has made such a difference.”