baby essentials

The Essentials list

Below is a list of what we, personally, consider to be the essentials for Pregnancy & birth - click on each item to be linked to Amazon. Please note, everyone’s birth is different and some of these items may be essential for you and some may not.


My Little black book for pregnancy & birth

Tell me a good birth story

This is an incredible website where you can read lots of positive birth stories, including my own home birth story, featuring Molly!

Spinning Babies

Use this site and videos to improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior) and birth. Reduce the chance of cesarean.

AIMS - for a better birth

• Campaigning for better births for all

• Protecting human rights in childbirth

• Independent information about pregnancy and birth

• Raising awareness of research

WHICH? Birth Choice

Helping you decide where to give birth

The UK’s Largest Stem Cell Bank

The UK’s largest and most advanced stem cell bank. They are passionate about protecting your family’s health, whilst staying at the forefront of present and future innovations. This has led them to store more stem cell samples than all other UK banks combined.


Teddington Midwives

I am proud to personally recommend the amazing services offered by Teddington Midwives - our local midwives, Louise & Wendy. They do an amazing antenatal class (which doesn’t have cross over with hypnobirthing) and they have amazing postnatal support available. This is a great course to attend for new mums, or a refresher course. For those local to the area, you are also bound to meet lots of other lovely families through this course.