hypnobirthing reviews

Its an absolute pleasure to share a small selection of some of the experiences of our hypnobirthing mums/dads/babies!

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This course was genuinely life changing. Mary-Anne is a fantastic Hypnobirthing coach and instantly put us at ease when we started the course. We really weren't sure if it would be the right kind of birth prep course for us, but her frank, honest and funny manner were exactly what we needed in order to relate to the content. Thanks to her course we feel prepared and excited about the birth of our baby and we have the tools to approach it with confidence and knowledge. As someone who struggles with anxiety I can honestly say that since doing this course I feel calm, I no longer allow other people's experiences or fears sink in and effect how I feel about our baby's journey into the world, and I am excited to go through it! Thank you for changing our lives for the better, we really cannot thank you enough

It finally happened! Our little guy, Rocky Joseph Connolly came into the world last night at 8.24pm after a stretch and a sweep the afternoon of the day before. They wanted to induce us on Thursday but we beat them to it!

The labour was managed at home for about 14 hours and by the time I came to the hospital I was 5cm dialated so they said we could stay. I pretty much got straight in the bath and stayed there til he was born in the water 7 hours later. It was by far the toughest thing I've ever done but unsurprisingly the most rewarding. At just over 9 pounds everyone is pretty impressed I did it just with a bath and breathing. Simon was amazing and so supportive the whole way through, couldn't of done it without him. And we were so lucky the hospital care was exceptional and our midwife gave us the space to just work through it with no interventions. Exactly what we wanted!

He is just perfect and we are totally smitten. He latched straight away when we were skin to skin and he's slept loads already! We even had to wake him to feed this afternoon. Definitely a hypnobirth baby, he's so calm.

All the best with the remaining days of your pregnancy! We are so thankful we did your course, I don't believe I would've been able to get through yesterday the same way if we hadn't.



We just had our little Aria 31st of May. It was a 21h hours delivery from 2:30h till 23:20h. We are glad that we decided for the home birth. It was a really calm and chill experience all the way. Having 2 midwives it was great and they were just amazing. Maria went through all contractions doing the breathing technique and remained call and serene the whole time. The tens machine did an amazing job.

The pool was really helpful to change the environment and take of the weight of the belly. Maria just told me that she almost cry of happiness when she got inside the pool. Since the delivery was really long, we had to change the midwives at 8pm close to the last stage of birth what in the beginning made Maria and I kinda sad since we really created a bound with Lisa and Lauren. But just a few minutes after Megan and Blanca were already full on and same rhythm. They are just amazing Maria just did her first scream on the last 2 pushes. I just cannot stop telling everyone how proud I am of Maria.

Aria has really long nails and did a few cut inside Maria which made us have to go to the hospital around 3am for stitches. But the experience was one of the most amazing or the most amazing of our lives.

The hypnobirthing classes were just and amazing idea. Thank you very much!



Caesarian Birth

Baby arrived Sunday evening, 15 days past the DD. Audrey Ernestine Gray-Peters. A tall one, 59.5cm and 8lb 7ozs.

As we mentioned Mel had quite strong contractions all week, with very late nights listen to music. Through the day we walked around but tightenings constant about 5-6 mins. We used the hypnotic techniques the whole week, which helped keep us both relaxed. We tried the small pessary as outpatient to see what happened, no real progression and on review, not much happening.

We did precautionary monitoring of bubs and on Saturday started thinking about how to handle it as we weren't comfortable having things go much longer given risks. We didn't want to go down the more intervention induction route, partly as we felt it would escalate. So we declined further induction and asked for other options which was the csection. Given the term they classed it as "emergency" but it was totally our choice.

Fortunately we had time to prepare, a full night's rest with still contractions in a private room. Candles on etc. When the knock on the door came to move to theatre we were both really relaxed.

I had classical music playing and modified one of our readings, the golden boat, to include some of our scuba diving experiences. Water keeps Mel relaxed. All of this whilst in theatre for the procedure. 518pm Sunday 18th February, Audrey was here.

Whilst the actual events didn't go by our birth plan, the course gave us so much confidence to be in control of the whole process. The birth was still a positive experience for both of us. It was relaxed and we got to do delayed cord, skin to skin in theatre.

Thanks for giving us the confidence to go with our choices and not get railroaded down an escalating path.



We wanted to share our birthing story with you and thank you for preparing us for the experience in the best way possible.

I went into pre-labour the night between Tuesday and Wednesday with steady surges coming once and hour and staying that way for about 24 hours. The following night they intensified and by Thursday morning I had irregular but strong surges several times per hour. As the morning progressed the surges intensified and became more regular, getting up to a frequency of a strong and long one every five minutes. I moved around and tried out various types of positions. By Thursday noon the surges lasted for about one minute, with no more then three minutes between them. We still wanted to wait with going in to the hospital to avoid being sent home so we had some last intimate time for a while and then I had a shower and rested in bed with a hot water bottle at the back. The heats made the surges slow down to a frequency one every six to seven minute. When I got up from the bed they got back to a frequency of one every five minutes and then stayed there during the evening and the beginning of the night. We took walk in the neighborhood before midnight to see if that would speed things up and during that walk the uterus was more or less contracted all the time even though the intense feeling still came in surges. We got home and I told Hal to get some rest in bed while I went downstairs, since I wasn't able to lie down because of the intensity of the surges. Even though I had been eating and drinking a lot during the day and Hal had massaged me and done what he could to support me, it had been two long days and a long night at that point and I was getting quite tired.

We left home in a cab 1.42 and landed at the Hospital 1.57 I closed my eyes and were listening to the hypnobirthing relaxation recordings, trying to stay in my own zone.

I got examined in the maternity ward fairly quickly at around two thirty and it turned out I didn't have a fever even though I felt really hot. I was only 4 cm dilated but since my water broke and there was blood in the water, we had to stay in the hospital. Because of the blood we had to go to the labour ward instead of the birthing center, as we had wished for. Hal talked to the midwife Gladys and explained that we really wanted a birthing pool even though we were in the labour ward and she helped us accommodate our wish. We then met with our midwife Abigail Hudson who escorted us to the room and helped us install ourselves in room 7 with calm music, lots of LED candles, spirit animals, totems, snacks and drinks. I got a wireless heart rate and contraction measurer so I could move around freely, which was brilliant. I used the TENS-machine and focused on my breath with hypnobirthing techniques (thinking about balloons and bubbles, breathing out longer then I was breathing in) helped even though things felt quite harsh at that point. We decided to agree put in a thing in the arm in case drugs would have to be administered later and a doctor came in and did that. I walked around a bit but didn’t really use the various tools in the room much and ended up sitting on the toilet quite a lot. I tried to use the gas twice but it made me feel nauseous and I had to throw up. After a while Abigail thought I could start to get ready for the pool and suggested I should take a shower while it was filling up, which felt really good. In the pool I could really get into my own zone and focus on the breathing through the surges much easier. The guidance Abigail gave me to let my shoulders down also helped a lot. After a while in the pool I had to start holding back the desire to push with the surges, but sometimes I couldn’t fully hold back and the body pushed a little bit.

There was an examination early morning before Abigail ended her shift at 8.30. I got out of the pool and found out I was then 8 cm dilated at that stage which was good news since the she has said in the beginning that they normally estimate it will take 4 hours per 2 centimeters.

We were introduced to Cynthia Jordan and the student midwife Debbie. Cynthia checked me and I was then fully dilated and just had to wait for the baby to descend a bit more in the birth canal. Unfortunately the shift change happened just before I was about to go into the push stage and the surges stalled because of the change in atmosphere. I tried my best to get back into the zone but it was difficult. Cynthia gave me directions for the push stage and said it would be great if we could wait until a quarter past ten or so before we started.

I tried pushing a bit in the bath but the surges never really came fully back on so I decided to agree to get out of the bath and get oxytocin drip, to help stimulate some surges to push with. Hence it was a really good thing that I had the thing in my arm already. Before getting me on the drip an obstetrician emptied my bladder, which also was really great since 5 dl - 1l came out and pushing with that still in there would have been difficult. Another obstetrician said that there was forceps and other medical ways to help would that be necessary but I made it very clear that I didn’t want that. I then got on my knees in the bed and the pushing with each surge started. The surges still felt really mild and only a fraction of what I had experienced them like earlier, but I tried my best to push as much as I could holding for three times ten. In the end I had to ask the Cynthia to opt up the dose to make something happen. It was still difficult to get enough feeling of the surge to continue the pushing for as long as I wanted or as long as they encouraged me to. Once we got to a point where I felt like I could push long enough to get the head out Cynthia saved my perineum by making sure the head didn’t come out too fast by instructing me to breath and push in a different way, while simultaneously easing the vaginal opening a bit with Vaseline as it was stretching to let the head out. A few more long pushes during the next surge and then the body came out. No tear at all and not a single stitch needed. Such a beautiful experience...I am so touched and grateful.

From the moment we stepped into the Homerton hospital we received the best care possible, considering our desires about a natural midwife lead birth, but with full medical support available the minute it was needed. Every single staff we encountered throughout our stay were so loving and caring. Midwifes, obstetricians, students, the registrar, cleaners. We are so deeply grateful for the professionalism and the love that all employees so evidently put into their work.

3,8 kg, 58 cm at birth and now 6 days later she's breastfeeding like a queen (latching on well as long as she's calm) and had already gained weight Monday when we went to the midwife's open clinique to check on her jaundice. Today we breastfed in public (outside a cafe after a walk) for the first time.



Hypnobirthing was key for me throughout this process. The course and practise up to the birth really helped me to focus on the breathing, remain calm and relaxed in order to promote oxytocin to aid the labour process. I would definitely recommend Mary-Anne’s course to all Mums-To-Be!


After going for a long walk on Saturday afternoon, I started to experience waves around dinner time but wasn’t sure whether this could be false labour with Braxton Hicks as I hadn’t had any throughout the pregnancy. By 11pm, the waves were becoming quite intense so I told my husband that it was likely that this was the real thing and that he should try to get some sleep. I set up the living room with a birthing ball, lavender candles and tried to relax and focus on my breathing with some peaceful piano music playing in the background. As I was relaxing on my side on the sofa trying to get some sleep at around 9am on Sunday morning, my waters broke so we went into the hospital for a check.

After having arrived at the UCHL birthing centre, they performed a vaginal examination which I was happy for them to do and confirmed that I was only 1cm dilated but that my cervix was soft so that it wouldn’t be long before the baby was here, most likely that evening.

We went back home and I ran a bath with some lavender oil and had my husband give me back massages through the waves. At this point, we started timing them as we had been told to wait until I was experiencing 3-4 waves within 10 minutes and that they should be at least one minute, long and strong. Once I started to experience these, I was then to wait another hour before going back into the birthing unit.

At 3.30pm, we decided that it was time to go back into hospital and we phoned ahead to let them know to expect us shortly. We had a few issues securing a taxi, so ended up getting an Uber and facing the traffic from Islington into Euston, but by focusing on my breathing I was able to get through the journey and make it into the birthing unit by 4.15pm.

The midwives led us into one of the birthing rooms with a pool, performed another vaginal examination with my consent and confirmed that I was 7cm dilated and started to fill the pool after having read my birth preferences. By 5pm, I was in the pool surrounded by LED candles, fairly lights, relaxing music and lavender scent coming from a cold-water diffuser that we had brought with us in order to create the perfect environment.

We had two lovely midwives with us the whole time who were monitoring both my progress, blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate. By this point, I did also use some gas and air which helped keep the focus on my breathing and take the edge off of the peak of each wave. In order to keep my energy up, my husband fed me jelly beans as the sugar really helped and I hadn’t fancied eating anything since we arrived at the hospital. I also made sure that I was constantly sipping water to remain hydrated.

At 8.30pm, the midwives were due to swap over and performed another vaginal examination with my consent, which required me to get out of the pool on to the bed. I hadn’t been able to pass urine so they inserted a catheter which was a huge relief and confirmed that I was fully dilated and could get back into the pool to try for a water birth that I had hoped for.

After spending another hour in the pool and feeling the urge to push but not progressing they recommended that it might be a good idea for me to get out of the pool into a different position on a birthing stool which I was happy to do. I also came off of the gas and air so that I was able to use the full intensity of the wave to breathe the baby down. Once the head was crowning, I moved onto the bed onto my side and was coached slightly by the midwives for the final push (which I had agreed to) so that they could keep my perineum intact by panting through a wave. I followed their advice and at 10.42pm our beautiful baby boy Oscar was born into the world.

Oscar was placed directly onto my chest and the umbilical cord was left to stop pulsing as per my birth preferences. After about 20 minutes, my husband cut the cord and we sat there gazing at our little boy. I’d asked for the natural delivery of the placenta, for the third stage of labour but after 45 minutes it hadn’t been delivered so I agreed to have it managed with an injection as I was keen to rest together with my husband and Oscar. The placenta was then delivered intact and the midwives then quickly gave me two second degree stitches to help the healing process which they did after applying some numbing gel. It was at this point that they then gave Oscar a vitamin K injection into his heel and weighed him, measured him and checked for a tongue tie in the birthing room with us. We were then permitted to move into a side recovery room at 1am and after a bit of sleep, various people popping in for checks and to help with breast feeding, we were discharged at 3pm Monday afternoon, managing to have this amazing experience and leave hospital with Oscar within 24 hours.

Hypnobirthing was key for me throughout this process. The course and practise up to the birth really helped me to focus on the breathing, remain calm and relaxed in order to promote oxytocin to aid the labour process. I would definitely recommend Mary-Anne’s course to all Mums-To-Be!

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The birth went incredibly smoothly and mercifully quickly (8 hours from first contraction). I really can’t describe how helpful the hypnobirthing training was on the day. It meant that the whole of the first stage of labour was entirely manageable and relaxed for both of us. And the second stage of labour was over so quickly that we didn’t have much time to panic. But I made it through the whole thing with only gas and air and Lottie arrived in the birthing pool. Despite needing some stitches, it remains one of the most empowering and transformative experiences of my life and I was already planning my home birth with the midwife, the very next day!

Thank you so much for holding our hand through the prep - couldn’t have done it without you.

We arranged an intensive hypnobirthing workshop with Mary-Anne, ahead of the birth of our first child. Neither my husband nor I had done much prepare, to be honest, we'd been a bit nervous to engage with the birth. Mary-Ann was brilliant! She helped to make us both feel much more confident and prepared and most importantly, it now feels like a joint project, with both my husband and I feeling involved and empowered. I would seriously recommend this course to any new expecting parents. It was fantastic at building confidence and for walking s through the steps/process. I feel intimitely better prepared and in control. Looking forward to a relaxed and positive birth.



We had our baby girl!!!! At home!!! No pain relief!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

My partner and I were very excited to attend Mary-Anne's led hypnobirthing course. We very much enjoyed the location, the intimate atmosphere and the very personal approach. The fact that Mary-Anne had herself gone through having successful hypnobirth, was very important for us as she gave us useful advice which we know really worked for her too. Ever since the end of the course, we have been practicing all the breathing and relaxation techniques and are in a very relaxed and excited state of mind in our last few weeks / days before our little girl arrives. Thank you Mary-Anne for giving us a fresh perspective on what a birth can be and we look forward to our meet-up in a couple of months when the little angel is out!

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I have to say the birth was just as I had wanted it to be. No doubt thanks to your course.

“The hypnobirthing course with Mary-Anne has left much more confident in my ability to manage and more importantly, enjoy the experience of birth. The practical elements covered have given me the tools to understand hospital jargon and also to make informed choices around the birth whilst the relaxation exercises are helping to shift my focus to a more positive birth experience. The course has also helped to give my partner a role and has increased his confidence too. I know that, thanks to hypnobirthing, whatever kind of birth I end up having it will be a more positive experience for myself, my partner and inevitably for baby too!”.



I cannot recommend Mary-Anne's hypnobirthing course more. I was very anxious about the prospect of birth and worried about what would happen, but Mary-Anne helped both myself and my husband feel incredibly prepared, informed and very calm. Throughout the birth of our daughter, we were both calm throughout and this helped enormously even when things did not go exactly according to plan. For anyone who is remotely worried or anxious about birth, give Mary-Anne a call



I am 39+4 today, and so far no nerves, just excitement for what’s to come. I honestly think that’s entirely down to you and your course being the foundations for my journey to start thinking about birthing my baby. As a result of having such a positive and empowering experience learning about birth with you, I feel “ready” and confident. Pregnancy has just been amazing. I will let you know how it all goes!

My midwife said it’s the best birth preferences she has ever seen - I know I can’t take credit for that :) I just want you to know how comprehensive I found your course!

Will be recommending you to all of our friends.