Below are just a few of reviews from some of the wonderful Mumma’s we have worked with… Some lovely reviews can be seen on google too!


“I’m not sure how to put into words how much it meant to me having your support during the week before and during my birth and after. You’ve been absolutely incredible and I’ll never forget how much support you’ve given me.”

“I cannot thank Mary-Anne enough for her support as my doula at my baby's birth in May 2019. I had already been in touch with Mary-Anne during my pregnancy, so when I found out I needed an early delivery Mary-Anne was there as a doula to help me through the birth as I didn't have time to complete a hypnobirthing course, and was quite nervous about labour. Mary-Anne filled me with positivity and was always there on the phone when I needed her. She was extremely flexible around my birth, and was happy to come at any time I wanted to the hospital. She respected the role of my partner, and was there in the background to pass me drinks, an encouraging word and to be my all round cheerleader. After the birth of our baby Mary-Anne judged the situation perfectly to leave my partner and I time with our little boy. She has been in touch numerous times since the birth to check how I am. I cannot recommend Mary-Anne enough as support during pregnancy and labour, she knew all the right things to say and gave me so much confidence. Thank you Mary-Anne”


“I was all over the place without knowing if I was doing the best I could for my daughter and Mary-Anne was amazing giving me confidence and hearing me while I had my doubts.”

“Mary-Anne was amazing to have around. She was happy and talkative all the time. She would make me “move” in the best way (i.e. find baby activities within my local area).”


“When I got pregnant again I wanted to do things differently: I wanted a water birth and to have a calm and positive experience. Thanks to Mary Anne’s wonderfully informative and funny/ light hearted hynobirthing course, I was able to find gratitude and a sense of serenity throughout my labour and feel really positive leading up to it. It was a totally different experience to the one I had experienced with my first birth. With the techniques and practices from hynobirthing I learnt that this can these be achieved. I only wish and hope that other women can find strength, feel positive and have an empowering experience like I did. If I was able to do it, then anyone can. It’s just a state of mind and that’s the main message that Mary Anne drills home. If you train your mind and practice hynobirthing techniques, your body is capable of wonderful things. Thank you for allowing me to achieve this and convincing me to have the dreamiest home birth!”

“Having done a private Hypnobirthing course with Mary-Anne, throughout my pregnancy I had no nerves, nothing but excitement and positivity for what was to come and I honestly believe it was because Mary-Anne’s informative, hilarious, warm and positive attitude to birth and pregnancy formed the foundations for my journey to start thinking about birthing my baby. As a result, I spent 9 months (plus my labour) feeling powerful, confident and fearless. Pregnancy was just amazing and our birth even more amazing. We were able to deal with an intense labour with positivity and good spirits and despite our baby being back to back we were able to have our dream birth, in the water, with no pain relief. As a result of Mary-Anne’s course, both me and my husband were so educated and informed that we were able to stay calm and in control throughout the 26hr labour (24 of which were spent in the comfort of our home, just as we had dreamed). My husband thought that the course was even more helpful for birthing partners, equipping them with a unique set of tools and knowledge to allow them to be an anchor of calm, playing a crucial role in the birth, as he was for me. Together, we birthed our baby in the most calm and empowering way imaginable and we owe much of that to Mummapod”

“This course was genuinely life changing. Mary-Anne is a fantastic Hypnobirthing coach and instantly put us at ease when we started the course. We really weren't sure if it would be the right kind of birth prep course for us, but her frank, honest and funny manner were exactly what we needed in order to relate to the content. Thanks to her course we feel prepared and excited about the birth of our baby and we have the tools to approach it with confidence and knowledge. As someone who struggles with anxiety I can honestly say that since doing this course I feel calm, I no longer allow other people's experiences or fears sink in and effect how I feel about our baby's journey into the world, and I am excited to go through it! Thank you for changing our lives for the better, we really cannot thank you enough”

“ Hypnobirthing was key for me throughout this process. The course and practise up to the birth really helped me to focus on the breathing, remain calm and relaxed in order to promote oxytocin to aid the labour process. I would definitely recommend Mary-Anne’s course to all Mums-To-Be!”

“I really can’t describe how helpful the hypnobirthing training was on the day. It meant that the whole of the first stage of labour was entirely manageable and relaxed for both of us. It remains one of the most empowering and transformative experiences of my life and I was already planning my homebirth with the midwife, the very next day! Thank you so much for holding our hand through the prep - couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I cannot recommend Mary-Anne's hypnobirthing course more. I was very anxious about the prospect of birth and worried about what would happen, but Mary-Anne helped both myself and my husband feel incredibly prepared, informed and very calm. Throughout the birth of our daughter, we were both calm throughout and this helped enormously even when things did not go exactly according to plan. For anyone who is remotely worried or anxious about birth, give Mary-Anne a call”

“I worked with Mary-Anne in 2018 in preparation to welcoming my daughter earthside in the summer. I cannot recommend enough how much of joy it is to work with her. She is down-to-earth, honest, and very supportive; just the sort of person you want to educate on the beautiful possibilities of birthing. Five stars for this woman!”

Post Natal Massage Review

“Mumma MAC is very knowledgable and talks you through whats ahead so that you can relax and zone out. I particularly enjoyed the feeling of relation in my hips, which have been very tight after pregnancy”

“It was great. That part of my body has been totally neglected I realise now but after the massage I felt so relaxed. It was really beneficial even though i had my last baby some time ago. I also loved the playlist.”

“It was relaxing and restorative at the same time as well as invigorating. I would recommend this to anyone who has ever had a baby. It was a wonderful, gentle healing ritual. I would definitely be looking to do it again”

Post Natal Exercise Review

“I used Mummapod for post-natal personal training with Sally Wilson, MummaFit. It was my second pregnancy and Sally helped me to regain fitness and muscle control in a safe and fun weekly session. It was amazing to know that I was building up my fitness in a way that was not going to damage anything and because of her knowledgable and personal approach to training I have recovered physically from this pregnancy far quicker than my first. Thank you Sally! And thank you Mummapod for setting up your amazing company to help mums.”

Nutritionist review

“I met with Anna the nutritional specialist at Mummapod and would highly recommend her professional, services. Huge thanks to Mummapod.”

Baby Massage Review

"Mumma Om is an incredible teacher, my son and myself loved her classes and felt very comfortable with her. She’s great with babies, and offers lots of practical first hand advice for the mums. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and truly believe she is one of the best postnatal yoga and baby massage teachers in the area."

Pregnancy Yoga Review 

"I started pregnancy yoga classes with Mumma Om when I was 15 weeks pregnant and continued throughout my whole pregnancy. I found the classes very enjoyable and relaxing. They massively helped me feel better, and I learned a lot of useful breathing techniques and positions that helped me during labour. I would definitely recommend these classes to expecting mums."

"I was looking for pregnancy yoga classes that would keep me active, and not just “breathing and pelvic floor focused”. This was perfect: reasonably priced, tailored to my individual needs, very positive, practical and I picked up a lot of movements that made my pregnancy more enjoyable and pain free. It’s the best kind of yoga when you start incorporating movements from your classes into your everyday life. I LOVED IT and would recommend to anyone at any stage of pregnancy."

"I have just finished a 6 week course of pregnancy yoga with Mama Om, and I am so glad I signed up! The classes were a perfect combination of movement and relaxation, reminding me that I could still use my body into the final month of pregnancy, whilst also taking some time to connect with my baby and prepare for labour. Mama Om is a lovely person and such a calm and nurturing teacher. I can’t wait to start postnatal yoga once little one arrives!"

postnatal Yoga Review

"I’d never done any yoga before, but after a difficult pregnancy and birth that left me with bad diastasis recti, I was up for trying anything! Amelie did a few one-to-one sessions with me and not only did the exercises and stretches feel so good, but she was totally aware of how to gently help my post-pregnancy body. It was also such a lovely and restful highlight in my week to have some time to look after me in such kind and understanding company. I’d thoroughly recommend!"


“Mumma Shutterbug was absolutely brilliant. She put our whole family at ease instantly and managed to capture the most beautiful photos of my family of four. Initially, I was nervous about my challenging toddler alongside my newborn but she was amazing at putting him at ease and taking amazing photos of us all that I will treasure forever. I just wish I had used her for pregnancy photography. I also researched newborn photography and her prices are really competitive for a really amazing and large collection of photos. I love the fact that the photos aren’t staged but natural. I give this photographer 5 stars!”

“I couldn't recommend Carey, Mumma Shutterbug, more highly. Calm, friendly and professional she immediately put me at ease during our newborn photo shoot. We loved her and her photos so much we asked her to capture our baby’s christening too. She is supremely talented and a wonderful Mumma”


“Going to see Claire has completely revolutionised my postpartum recovery.” 

“I’m so happy that I followed the advice of a friend, and went to see Claire – her treatment has made such a difference.”