Melissa & Cameron

Baby arrived Sunday evening, 15 days past the DD. Audrey Ernestine Gray-Peters. A tall one, 59.5cm and 8lb 7ozs.

As we mentioned Mel had quite strong contractions all week, with very late nights listen to music. Through the day we walked around but tightenings constant about 5-6 mins. We used the hypnotic techniques the whole week, which helped keep us both relaxed. 

We tried the small pessary as outpatient to see what happened, no real progression and on review, not much happening.

We did precautionary monitoring of bubs and on Saturday started thinking about how to handle it as we weren't comfortable having things go much longer given risks. We didn't want to go down the more intervention induction route, partly as we felt it would escalate. So we declined further induction and asked for other options which was the csection. Given the term they classed it as "emergency" but it was totally our choice.

Fortunately we had time to prepare, a full night's rest with still contractions in a private room. Candles on etc. When the knock on the door came to move to theatre we were both really relaxed.

I had classical music playing and modified one of our readings, the golden boat, to include some of our scuba diving experiences. Water keeps Mel relaxed. All of this whilst in theatre for the procedure. 

518pm Sunday 18th February, Audrey was here.

Whilst the actual events didn't go by our birth plan, the course gave us so much confidence to be in control of the whole process. 

The birth was still a positive experience for both of us. It was relaxed and we got to do delayed cord, skin to skin in theatre.

Thanks for giving us the confidence to go with our choices and not get railroaded down an escalating path.