Kelsey & Simon

positive birth story

It finally happened! Our little guy, Rocky Joseph Connolly came into the world last night at 8.24pm after a stretch and a sweep the afternoon of the day before. They wanted to induce us on Thursday but we beat them to it!

The labour was managed at home for about 14 hours and by the time I came to the hospital I was 5cm dialated so they said we could stay. I pretty much got straight in the bath and stayed there til he was born in the water 7 hours later. It was by far the toughest thing I've ever done but unsurprisingly the most rewarding. At just over 9 pounds everyone is pretty impressed I did it just with a bath and breathing. Simon was amazing and so supportive the whole way through, couldn't of done it without him. And we were so lucky the hospital care was exceptional and our midwife gave us the space to just work through it with no interventions. Exactly what we wanted!

He is just perfect and we are totally smitten. He latched straight away when we were skin to skin and he's slept loads already! We even had to wake him to feed this afternoon. Definitely a hypnobirth baby, he's so calm.

All the best with the remaining days of your pregnancy! We are so thankful we did your course, I don't believe I would've been able to get through yesterday the same way if we hadn't.