Maria & Filipe

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We just had our little Aria 31st of May.

It was a 21h hours delivery from 2:30h till 23:20h.

We are glad that we decided for the home birth. 

It was a really calm and chill experience all the way.

Having 2 midwives it was great and they were just amazing.

Maria went through all contractions doing the breathing technique and remained call and serene the whole time.

The tens machine did an amazing job.

The pool was really helpful to change the environment and take of the weight of the belly. Maria just told me that she almost cry of happiness when she got inside the pool.

Since the delivery was really long, we had to change the midwives at 8pm close to the last stage of birth what in the beginning made Maria and I kinda sad since we really created a bound with Lisa and Lauren. 

But just a few minutes after Megan and Blanca were already full on and same rhythm. They are just amazing

Maria just did her first scream on the last 2 pushes. I just cannot stop telling everyone how proud I am of Maria.

Aria has really long nails and did a few cut inside Maria which made us have to go to the hospital around 3am for stitches.

But the experience was one of the most amazing or the most amazing of our lives. 

The hypnobirthing classes were just and amazing idea. Thank you very much!

Little Aria born with 3,460kg